Monday, October 28, 2019

Oxygen Forensic Suite - a modern Sherlock Holmes

Criminologist calculate, from a weapon fired offender, determine how were these or other damage to the vehicle, the attacker was trying to cover his tracks ... And he was not psychic. Just science! There are many expert means "conversation" finds: a microscope photograph, ultraviolet, infrared, and more. His everyday life - continuous hard work, visits to the scene of the crime, the research evidence. Murders, robberies, traffic accidents - with what does not have to face Oxygen Forensic Suite. Work keeps the tension and tempers the character. In short, do not get bored!
Fans of the business

Today forensic work mostly in law enforcement agencies and centers of expertise. The police salary plus bonus and benefits provided by the legislation. Young people usually work in law enforcement, seriously enthusiastic about their work. They are not afraid numerous night visits and intensive schedule. The most experienced specialists with time left government service and go to work in private structures - expertise centers offering services to the crime lab. In such laboratories are turning, for example, for further examination of the accident, to verify the authenticity of documents and so on.
types of examinations


Personal identification by fingerprints. Advantages over other methods for fingerprinting - ease of use, convenience and reliability. On the trail of fingers expert can determine the sex, weight, height and age of the offender.


Investigation of ammunition, weapons and firearms, the work on the site of the explosion. The expert will determine the penetrating power of weapons, in what way it is made: the factory or handicraft, is it possible to injure yourself out of it, and under what conditions, from a weapon with a distance shot.


The study of the traces left at the crime scene a person, a vehicle, an instrument of crime. Criminalist-trasologii can determine what damage was caused, to establish a way to hacking and damage to determine the model of the car of a print of the tire, to describe a man footprints, teeth, and so on. D.


Handwriting as a business card - is the main thesis of expert graphologists. They can determine the identity of the handwriting; establish the authenticity of personal signature, to tell you the conditions in which the manuscript was completed (for example, a letter written in an unusual position - standing or lying down), to describe the state of the writing (nervous disease, hand injury, intoxication), his attitude to the written and others.


A study of video and sound recording, the recording equipment. The expert will determine whether owned fixed in a phonogram it a particular person, made whether the track or video on the supplied equipment, and so on. D.

There are many other types of examinations: avtorovedcheskaya, examination of explosive devices and explosives, technical and forensic examination of documents and so forth.
Who's new?

graduates usually begin a career as an intern, assistant expert in the District Department of Internal Affairs (UVD). You have to be ready at any time to go to the crime scene, to find traces left behind. After about three years of good work, you can choose a narrow specialization in one of the types of examinations to become an investigator or forensic. If an assistant to the police department, you can get out of college and, after passing training courses, the expert can only be a person with higher profile education.

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